Aims of the Society

Recent consideration of the activities of the Society indicate that it provides members with:
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We have a very active a working committee which meets each month to ensure the smooth running of the Society.

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The Highlands Garden Society Constitution is available to download from this page or is available from the ‘Downloads’ section of the website.

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Exhibition Table

At each monthly meeting of the Society, members may display flowers and produce from their garden.

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Floral Art

Within the Highlands Garden Society Bowral Inc., a floral art group exists to encourage the development of expertise in floral art.

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Floral Shows

The Highlands Garden Society Bowral Inc. is proud of its Camellia Show and Rose Show. Find out more information about the shows.

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Friendship Garden Visits

On the morning after most monthly Friday night meetings, members have the opportunity to visit one or two gardens of members or other interesting gardens in the area.

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Garden Questions and Answers

At the monthly general meeting a Q and A book is circulated to enable you to raise queries.

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The Society maintains an extensive library of up-to-date books, videos and DVDs on various aspects of gardening.

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Currently we have almost 400 members in the Society making it one of the largest local garden clubs in Australia.

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Information about our monthly online bulletin and other Society publications available from the Society library.

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The Highlands Garden Society Bowral Inc. invites various people to speak at our meetings. Read more information about Garden Society Speakers.

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Summer Garden Evening

On the third Saturday of February we hold a summer garden evening at the home of one of our members.

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During the year a number of tours are conducted. Some are one-day trips, others are of a longer duration.

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Trading Table & Seed Banks

The Trading Table is stocked with plants provided by members out of their own gardens.

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A group of some 80 volunteers each year make the many activities of the Society possible.

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Winter Seminar

Each year on the third Saturday of July, The Highlands Garden Society Bowral Inc. holds a Winter Seminar.

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The Highlands Garden Society Bowral Inc. holds several workshops on aspects of gardening each year.

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